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    Dinosaur game or T-Rex run is an Easter egg in Google Chrome, which appears while you disconnected from the internet. It is also known as “No internet game”. Here you can play dinosaur games for free from your Mobile Phone and Desktop computer. The game requirement is only chrome browser installed on your system. Controls of the Chrome dinosaur game is very simple use only SPACE button to play this game, you have to jump over cactus and dodge underneath obstacles.

    History of Dinosaur Game

    The idea of “an endless runner” as an easter egg within the “you-are-offline” page was born in early 2014. It’s a play on going back to the “prehistoric age” when you had no Wi‑Fi. The cacti and desert setting were part of the first iteration of the “you-are-offline” page, while the visual style is a nod to our tradition of pixel-art style in Chrome’s error illustrations. Game was released in the year 2014 September, it has some errors game was unable to run on older Android devices. This necessitated a rewrite. which was completed in December 2014. The Chrome Dinosaur game gain impressive numbers- especially for something that is largely hidden from view, and you’re only likely to encounter if your Internet is not available. According to Chrome UX engineer Edward Jung, Dinosaur Game played more than 270 million times each month, across both mobile and desktop. Most players come from market with unreliable or expensive data like Brazil, India, Mexico, and Indonesia. You can play the Chrome dinosaur game without turning on Airplane Mode. Just open chrome://dino in your chrome browser, and you’ll be taken to an “arcade mode” where you can practice in a full-window environment.

    Highest Score in Dinosaur Game

    Are you the Hardcore gamer can you be top of the table ? can you beat the highest score. LOWEST SCORE in dinosaur game is 38 average score is 200 and the HIGHEST possible SCORE is 99999 can you beat that highest score let check it out now...

    If you have any problem while playing this game in small window, don't worrry just type chrome://dino in your address bar to play this game in full window."This game only supports GOOGLE CHROME BROWSER".

    Press "Space" or "Tap" to jump your Dino and start the game.